Top Five images from "Festivals of Nepal" - Photo Series Contest

Published on 16 Feb, 2021
image Top Five images from "Festivals of Nepal" - Photo Series Contest

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has announced Top Five images from "Festivals of Nepal" - Photo Series Contest. Nearly 700 images were received for the contest and following photos have been shortlisted as best Five submission. Congratulations!  Selected 5 are entitled with NRS. 10,000 each.

Indra Jatra by Aman Shahi

Indra Jatra by Aman Shahi

Children enjoying traditional swing during Dashain by Mithun Kunwar

Children enjoying traditional swing during Dashain by Mithun Kunwar

Majipa Lakhey Dance by Robic 


Tiji by Samde Sherpa


Kahi Navako Jatra Hadigaun Ma by Umesh Sthapit



In addition Following 25 images have been shortlisted for honorable mention.

Lakhey By Krishna Maharjan

Batha Tales by Anush Maharjan

Biska by Umesh Sthapit

Chaath Puja by Anuj Tandukar

Chaath Puja by Udhab Kc

Culture of offering Shagun by Prabin Shrestha

Festival of Indra Jatra by Ayub

GaiJatra by Dharmendra Maharjan

Gai Jatra by Anush Maharjan

Gatha Muga by Umesh Sthapit

Indra Jatra by Udhab Kc

Gurju Paltan by Udhab Kc

Khadga Jatra by Dharmendra Maharjan

Lightning Up by Pramin Manandhar

Machindranath Jatra by Sunilman Sthapit

Majipa Lakhe by Rohit Maharjan

Makar sankranti festival at Mai khola by Yalamber Subba

Making sel during tihar by Mithun Kunwar

Morning Worship During chhath by Mithun Kunwar

Praying For Better Future by Raghab Shrestha

Pulukisi by Umesh Sthapit

Rato Macchindranath Jatra by Umesh Sthapit

Sindoor Jatra by Robic

Upaku by Akil Maharjan

नित्य कर्म  पित्री तर्पन by Prabin Shrestha





The winners have been evaluated on the basis of originality, technical excellence and artistic merit. The photo series contest was launched on 11th August, 2020 and ran till 25th Nov, 2020 to provide an opportunity for all the photographers, aspiring/ established to communicate visually the beautiful culture diversity, festivals and history and the the festivity season of Nepal. The contest saw a large volume of submission, with nearly 700 images.

NTB has been organizing #photoNepalexhibitions regularly since the last four years. With the responsive portal, any user can send pictures they have captured in Nepal portraying the natural beauty, culture, heritage, and traditions of Nepal or any related with tourism.

www.photoNepal.travel initiation of Nepal Tourism Board has now over 24 thousand pictures and 12 thousand members. Any individual can sign up and upload pictures in the website, which need to be approved by the NTB.


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