Sindoor Jatra

Madhapur thimi 7, Nagadesh

by Robic Published on Sep 23, 2020

Sindoor Jatra in Thimi. Such crowd, such zeal and celebration in an otherwise small quiet town. On the third day of the 10-day Bisket Jatra, male representatives from various quarters of Thimi and from the surrounding villages in Bhaktapur bring out a procession of 32 palanquins called khats with images of different gods. As the 32 khats come together, sindoor (vermillion powder) is hurled at them and the ceremony reaches fever pitch as the khat bearing Ganesha arrives from the village of Nagadish. Crowds parade up and down the streets until late morning when Ganesha, borne by hundreds of men, makes a break for home, pursued by other khats.

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