Boudhanath Stupa: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Boudha Stupa kathmandu

by rajgurung Published on Mar 07, 2021

Boudhanath Stupa: also known as Chintaamani, meaning the wish fulfilling jewel is one of the biggest stupa  in the world having height 43.3 meter covering 7631.06 sq. m. It is located about 7.5 km. away to the east of Kathmandu Durbar Square. UNESCO has enlisted Boudha Stupa in the World Heritage Site in 1979. Boudhanath Stupa known as 'Chintaamani', the wish fulfilling jewel so, due to this reason, each day the multitude swarm in to  stroll around the stupa to venerate and beseech for the power from above and then set off for home.   It is also known as 'Khasau Cheta', 'Khasa Chitasa', 'Khasa Chita'. Nowdays Newars call it as 'Khasti Chaitya', 'Khashyor Chorten' and  'Jhyarung Khashyor' by Tamang. Boudhanath stupa was severely damaged during the earthquake of April 25th, 2018 and now has been renovated back to its original state by the Boudhanath Area Development committee. It's our great responsibility to preserve, promote our such world cultural heritage sites.

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